PSM TECH is a SECO Group Company

About SECO
SECO is a high-tech company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge solutions for the digitalization of industrial products and processes. SECO’s hardware and software offering enables B2B companies to introduce edge computing, Internet of Things, data analytics and artificial intelligence in their businesses. SECO’s technology spans across multiple fields of application: serving more than 450 customers, operating in sectors like Medical, Industrial Automation, Fitness, Vending, Transportation and many others. Enabling to accurately monitor the functioning of on-field devices, SECO solutions contribute to creating low environmental impact business models thanks to a more efficient use of resources.

Founded in 2007 as a Business Unit specialized in software development for vertical applications and established in 2017 as a Group member company, PSM TECH completes SECO’s offer by creating semi-finished or finished products with high added value for specific markets including: medical, entertainment, infotainment, retail…

PSM TECH, thanks to the sophisticated skills that integrate the hardware world with the software world, creates products with user interfaces that bring SECO’s high embedded technology closer to the end user.