Warranty and technical assistance

Terms and conditions for managing repairs

1. Warranty period
The warranty period runs from the date shown in the goods transit documents, invoice or other similar document, and covers a period of:

                • 2 (two) years for Finished Products and Equipment,
                • 1 (one) year for Semi-Finished Products and electronic boards,
                • 3 (three) months for repaired/replaced components,
                • concerning goods not produced but purchased by PSM TECH from other suppliers, the warranty period is that indicated by the supplier to PSM.


2. Assistance methods

To obtain assistance under warranty, customers must:

a)request authorization to return the material (RMA), on the website www.psm-tech.com. PSM TECH may at its sole discretion proceed with repair or replacement with a product with equal or greater characteristics.

b)In the case of repair of card in operation pursuant to Article 110 paragraph 6a) of the TULPS, it is necessary that:

            • the board must be in extraordinary maintenance,
            • a copy of the Distribution Clearance and the original of the Maintenance Booklet are submitted,
            • the board is presented without additional covers or accessories.

3. Exclusions from the Warranty

The warranty will not be valid if:

a) the defect occurred after the end of the warranty period,
b) the warranty seals have been removed or tampered with,
c) the product has been used improperly, tampered with or modified in any manner without the relative authorization, or has been subjected to external environmental agents that are not in keeping with the characteristics of the product, or it has been subjected to any other situation for which PSM TECH cannot be held responsible. The decision on the causes of exclusion is at the sole discretion of PSM,
d) the product defect is caused by natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, natural electrical charges – lightning, flooding, etc.),
e) the product is not shipped in suitable packaging or is received with visibly damaged packaging.

4. Request for Authorization

a)Before shipment, you must apply to PSM TECH for authorization (RMA).
b)The RMA request form to be enclosed with the shipment is sent to the customer by the PSM TECH automatic system.
c)PSM TECH will not accept any shipments that have not been authorized in advance.
d)Customers are responsible for providing detailed information on the defects reported. In particular, terms such as “it doesn’t work”, “faulty” and any other generic definition that does not describe in detail the problems reported shall not be considered sufficienti.
e)The authorization (RMA) is valid for 30 days, and the product must be returned to the PSM TECH Assistance Center within 30 working days following the issue of the RMA.
f)If the RMA expires before shipment, customers must apply for another one.

5. Shipping methods

The following documents must be enclosed with the shipment:

                • Transport document.
                • Copy of the RMA form generated and sent by e-mail by PSM TECH to the customer, indicating the assigned number issued by PSM.
                • for “Comma 6A” type working Gaming Boards, original copies of the Distribution Authorization and the Maintenance Book must also be enclosed in the package.

a) If the return includes faulty accessories, customers must enclose a detailed list describing them with the shipment. PSM TECH shall not be responsible for any accessories received that are not accompanied by this list.
b) The Product returned must be packaged securely in order to prevent damage during transportation.
c) PSM TECH reserves the right to accept goods under warranty that are not packaged in an appropriate manner, subject to charging all costs for repair.
d) Shipment of returned goods to PSM TECH shall be paid for by the customer. PSM TECH will arrange for the shipment of repaired goods if the repairs are performed under warranty.
e) The risks of shipment and transportation of the goods (loss, damage, etc.) are for the customer’s account.

6. Cost of Technical Assistance

a) Customers may request a quotation for the repair of any products that are no longer covered by the warranty; the quotation will be sent by fax or e-mail, after the PSM TECH technical service has assessed the materials received.

b) In any case, assistance will be offered against payment also in the following conditions:

                • after the expiry of the warranty,
                • if no fault has been found with the product,
                • if the product requires modifications and/or updating,
                • in the case of any of the conditions described in Article 3. Exclusions from the Warranty.

In these cases, the Technical Service will contact the customer and issue a quotation for the repair, if the work has a cost higher than the Fixed Fee.

c) The Fixed Fee per repair is €50.00 (€40.00 for online RMA customers), the Fixed Fee applies to non-warranty repairs and includes acceptance, technical analysis and repair up to 30 minutes, return packaging.

This Fixed Fee will also be charged if:

                • the customer decides not to have the product repaired,
                • the goods cannot be repaired.

d) Technical repair report
PSM TECH will draft a technical report free of charge concerning the causes of the problem and the works performed on the repaired product, where so requested by the customer.

e) The hourly cost of intervention is € 45.00 / h. The cost of any spare parts will be calculated in the estimate stage.